January 14, 2012

BEYOND LEVITTOWN: Travel photos from early Division Avenue graduates who groove on roaming the globe. Chapter 2 in our series.

Ira Selsky (1960) in Quito, Ecuador. Not a bad idea for an NYC franchise, Ira.

Annajoy Herman Romdalvik (1960) in front of the Duomo in Florence, Italy.

Frank Barning (1960) in a crowd at the Pantheon in Rome. The building was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all the gods of Ancient Rome, and rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian in about 126 AD.

Larry Bory (1960) in Brataslava, Slovakia, bracing with a French Hussar. The name Hussar refers to a number of types of light cavalry which originated in Hungary in the 14th century.

Sue Chasin Ross (1962) and husband Patt at Iguazu Falls which is in both Argentina and Brazil.

Our new series of travel photos premiered in our most recent post. There has been a positive reaction and a few old friends including Ira Selsky, Larry Bory, Don Davidson and Steve Mohr sent pictures. There were already dozens in my files.

I am looking for pictures of Division Avenue graduates, classes 1960-63, taken in foreign countries, plus Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. As you can see from those posted last time and now, they should have interesting backgrounds and the sender must be in the photo. They can be old or recent. We look younger in the old ones.

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