January 3, 2012

Did we dress this way in high school? Certainly not. Here are some image-changing recent photos.

Biker Jim McGrath, class of 1960. No one could have projected this side of the now retired Nebraska school teacher. Maybe he was born to be wild.

• Tie-dyed Ava Berg, class of 1960, at a craft show. Ava was born to be an Earth Mother. A marijuana advocate, she posted this about herself on her Facebook page: "Jewish hipster in touch with inner sista. A hip soul is my goal." Power to the people, Ava.

• Sandy Adams, class of 1960. Wrote Sandy, "This is from one of my Sweet Adelines International competitions which was in Calgary in 2010. When we made the top 10 finals, we competed as New York City waitresses aspiring to make it to Broadway." Sandy, bring me a ham on rye and hold the pickle.

• Jim Anton, class of 1961, as Beethoven. Well, this isn't surprising. He may be best remembered from his high schools days for wearing a female cheerleader outfit at a talent show. Truth be told, he looked good as a girl.

• Larry Bory, class of 1960, at a Renaissance Festival. This is so out of character for the Larry we knew in school where he was our designated preppy in how he dressed and comported himself. Whimsy becomes him.

Those of us who went to high school in the 1950s and early 1960s in Levittown were mostly straight-laced, conventional types in how we dressed. About the only ones who deviated from the norm were the so-called rocks, the hoody types, of both sexes who tried to look tough. And I stress the word "tried."

So here are some recent photos of early Levittowners in unconventional garb, especially considering their roots.

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Marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

Frank, you are a pisser!!! How funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!