January 30, 2012

Four inseparable Division Avenue High School class of 1960 friends

1960 Division Avenue High School yearbook photo of John Koehler

1960 Division Avenue High School yearbook photo of Mal Karman

1960 Division Avenue High School yearbook photo of Frank Barning

1960 Division Avenue High School yearbook photo of Bob Castro


Four of us were inseparable in high school. Bob Castro, Mal Karman, John Koehler and I spent untold hours keeping each other company. We shared similar interests such as girls, sports, music and girls. Did I mention girls?

We're spread out now, Mal in northern California, John in Florida, I live in Las Vegas and Bob plans to move from Suffolk County to the Phoenix area. All four of us were good students who headed off to college after graduating in 1960. Before too many years, we went in different directions but there is still the bond of youth.

We always had a friend to hook up with, if not two or three. There were poker, stick ball, touch football games and dozens of activities that were enjoyed together. Hundreds of hours were spent in Mal's large bedroom on the second floor of the Meander Lane residence of the Karmans. He was the best man at my wedding in 1968.

John was a great athlete and his buddies were proud of his many accomplishments. Mal was a fantastic artist and writer and we enjoyed his creative efforts. Bob was a great story teller who kept us entertained with his tales, some cleverly embellished. He was also Levittown's foremost air guitar player.

I treasure the times we shared.


Check out Mal Karman's website, MOVIE MAYHEM



Marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

Great memories. And so wonderful that you are all still in touch with oneanother. I checked out Mal's website, Movie Mayhem, and agree with the reviews of the movies I too have seen. I will be checking it weekly before we decide which movie we'll be shelling out $10 a head for! And THAT'S the SENIORS Price at the theater in Levittown. I remember paying 25 cents for the Meadowbrook Movie Theater, and sitting in the balcony watching West Side Story about a dozen times! (and POPCORN??? Now $6 a bag!!!)

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