March 6, 2012

BEYOND LEVITTOWN: Travel photos from Warren Zaretsky's current visit to Dalian, China.

Click on pix of Warren and friends to enlarge

His friend Tom moved to China from New York in 2004.

This leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary was made by Warren's friend Andy.

Xi lan hua he zha tudou -- Warren's favorite dish from his previous China stay; broccoli and French Fries. It could be found on column A.

Several photos of my high school classmate Warren Zaretsky have appeared in our travel series in recent months. A world traveler, who I refer to as "Wandering Warren", he is currently in China after spending some time in Thailand. He has emailed dozens of photos, and his shots of local food have made your blogger salivate on a regular basis.

He is now in Dalian, China where he taught English to Chinese students for two years in 2003-2005. While most teachers from the United States and Canada hang out with each other, the wandering one took the road not taken by most imports. He built ties with local people, to sample their lifestyle and culture. On his current trip, Warren reunited with some of his old friends.

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