May 15, 2012

Recent photos of Division Avenue people, including two teachers

Armand Tarantelli, now pushing 90 years of age and still going strong. The original Mr. T was a popular industrial arts teacher.

Karen Biro Hewson, class of 1960, in Panama City, Panama.

Jerry Jewell, best known as the highly successful football coach of the Blue Dragons. The man doesn't seem to age.

Tim (1963) and his cousin Glenn Lavey (1969) at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

Bob Gifford, class of 1962, and a Hofstra University graduate.

Photos of Mr. Jewell and Mr. Tarantelli taken by Lou DeFrancesco on May 14, 2012.


Toni Crescenzo Gelfer said...

Great photos..The teachers look wonderful...Thanks, again, Marilyn for being our house photographer!

Marilyn Monsrud Frese DAHS '63 said...

The photos of Mr. T. and Mr. Jewell were taken by Lou DeFrancesco at the monthly luncheon called ANCIENT ORDER OF THE BLUE DRAGONS! (I only sent a few on to Frank). This is run and organized by Lou here in Levittown at Millers Ale House. This past meeting about 20 guys from the early graduating classes attended. Lou does an amazing job with these luncheons... and has great old photos... adding new ones from the luncheon to his
great old memories book!

Chris said...

You're absolutely right, Frank. Good story.