May 27, 2012


Edward T. Murphy's name appears on the travelling Vietnam memorial exhibit

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From a friend, Bill Newman class of 1963

About Edward Theodore Murphy. Everyone called him Butch including his family. He was the youngest and only boy of the Murphy family (Albatross Road a few doors down from the Koehlers). Butch died in Vietnam (May 22, 1967), close to the DMZ but not sure.

He was a decorated hero for valor trying to save others and was awarded the Silver Star. On a personal note, Butch always stood up for me and anyone who was picked on when we were kids. I've always missed him.

I'm not sure how many Division Avenue students lost their lives in Vietnam. Butch would have been in the class of 1962 but left high school to work and then join the Marines. Just before I was drafted (September 1965) I saw Butch one more time. He was home on leave and was the most proud I had ever seen him. He loved the Marines.

From Jack Jacobsen 1962

The story of Butch Murphy is one of much sadness for those who were his friends. It started with the accident on a trampoline in East Meadow. A bunch of us were at a place that had trampolines in the ground and paid by the hour to use. Butch over flipped on his face smashed into edge onto a metal rod holding the springs. The impact not only broke his nose, but also eye socket, cheek bones, etc.

It took Butch years to heal both physically and mentally. Butch went into the Marines with pride and honor. We who knew Butch have always felt a sadness and a loss. I have been to the Vietnam Memorial many times and have always spent time with his name on the wall.


Photo of the Vietnam Travelling Memorial Wall by Jim Anton.

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From Bill Pruiksma, Class of 1962

The story on Butch Murphy was indeed touching. I met Butch a number of times near the Port Authority Building when we were on our way to different parts of North Carolina. You could tell he was a dedicated and good Marine. Thanks for featuring him.