June 21, 2012

The Crescenzo kitchen on Kingfisher Road was flooded with good aromas and a mother's love

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Class of 1968

I have a large collection of early Levittown photos, mostly of our house at 203 Kingfisher Road plus my friends and extensive Italian-American family. Frank Barning, our blogger, asked me to provide kitchen pictures because they can trigger a trunk-load of memories.

On this page you can see some of my kitchen shots. The 1965 Thanksgiving black and white one is important to me because it shows how close I was to my Dad, always leaning on him without being mushy. Also, the fact that we brought a picnic table in the kitchen, added it to our large table and ate in front of the sink is so Crescenzo. There was no fancy china and no cloth napkins.

The color shot was taken on Weaver Lane in 1972 at my in-laws' house. I love it because of so many observations: the painted two-tone green cabinets, the "earl" burner and painted white fireplace which were so early Levittown.

Another favorite of mine is the shot of my mother in an apron at the kitchen table. It was a simple time, a modest home and a mother who felt the reason for her being was her children's welfare and comfort. She never wore makeup or perfume, but hugging her carried the faint aroma of meatballs and gravy.

My Mom passed last December. I assembled her treasured recipes in a bound cookbook which I gave to my family. My oldest son Zachary called me after a short time and said "The food turned out great and the whole house smelled like Nana". Thanks Mom, what a legacy of love you left.


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