June 17, 2012

Part 1: The ultimate "You know you're from Long Island when" list

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By Dan Chapman and Phil Ebel IV

From Hey Long Island... Do U Remember....?

1. You don't live IN Long Island. You live ON Long Island.

2. You know that Route 110 separates Nassau and Suffolk.

3. You get proofed, not carded.

4. You can tell the guys or girls on the other side of the bar are from Queens.

5. You don't brush the sand off your feet before you get in the car.

6. You don't know what the hell they're talking about when someone says "Let's go to the shore" .

7. You know when someone says "The Forks", they don't mean silverware.

8. You've used a clam shell for an ash tray.

9. When you close your eyes you can still smell the boardwalk.

10. Wandering around Fire Island trashed is an acceptable plan for any night.

11. Doing 90 over the Robert Moses Bridge or on Ocean Parkway is perfectly fine.

12. You know which beaches allow surfing.

13. You know what low tide smells like.

14. You’ve missed your ferry.

15. You know who Guy Lombardo was.

16. You had to worry about "Son of Sam".

17. You tried to "Save the Oak Beach Inn".

18. You know which way the winds blowing by looking at the seagulls.

19. You know the difference between a "Parkway" and an "Expressway".

20. You've driven the stretch of Ocean Parkway in the winter without passing another car.

21. You can name the bars that Twisted Sister played in.

22. You know where the GOOD RATS are playing.

23. There is another meaning to "SOB".

24. You know where Eisenhower Park is.

25. You know where "The Big Duck" is.

26. You know where the Vietnam Memorial is.

27. You remember when the Beach at Smiths Point was as wide as the beach at Jones.

28. You’ve partied at the Kismet Inn, and you’ve been to the “Out”.

29. You've refused to use the bathroom on the LIRR because it was the right thing to do.

30. You shopped at A&P or Bohack's.

31. You still scream in the tunnel going from the parking lot to Central Mall at Jones Beach.

32. You miss Nunley's.

33. WLIR and WBAB were your only source of information.

34. French fries from the concession stand at the beach was considered health food.

35. You have more pro sports to root for than anywhere else in the country (Jets, Giants, Mets, Yankees, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, and Ducks).

36. You worry when someone says "full moon" and "Nor' Easter" in the same sentence.

37. Your parents told you they moved to East Northport because it was “Out in the Country”.

38. You know you're not supposed to climb on the jetty but you still do because … you're from Long Island.

39. You're from one of 4 places: North Shore – Nassau , South Shore – Nassau , North Shore - Suffolk, South Shore - Suffolk.

40. You know that the Long Island Railroad doesn’t run North and South.

41. You've cursed out the Jack n' the Box drive thru clown at 3 am on a Tuesday.

42. You’ve looked for beach glass.

43. You remember the SST flying into JFK.

44. You remember the “Pickle Works” in Farmingdale.

45. You know that Montauk Hwy. and Merrick Rd. are the same road.

46. A restaurant on Hempstead Turnpike saved you from wetting your pants on many occasions.

47. You can see from one 7-Eleven to the next one.

48. You don't use a menu in a deli.

49. Every time you see Alec Baldwin on TV or in a movie, you tell yourself, “He’s from Long Island”.

50. You know what a "Buttered Roll" is.

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