June 28, 2012

THEN AND NOW: The Kelly residence at 34 Honeysuckle Lane

The Honeysuckle Lane house in the 1950s.

Teenage Sandy in front of the house. The family name is behind her.

Photo of the house taken by Marilyn Monsrud Frese in late March 2012.

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Class of 1961

Our house on Honeysuckle Lane holds many fond memories. We moved there in the summer of 1952 after renting a house on Cornflower Road for a year. By the time we moved to Honeysuckle the house had already been altered a bit. The second bedroom wall had been removed to make a large living/dining room area. The attic had a large finished bedroom and a small partially finished one. My sister and I shared the large bedroom and my brother had the smaller one. The house was cozy and bright, at least compared to our home in Everett, Massachusetts.

Outside I remember the forsythia bushes and the trees along the road. The yards were all connected, which made our play space seem large and open. The walk to the front door was just flagstones set in the lawn. Although originally gray, we eventually painted our house a blue-gray and the shutters pink. It seemed a bold choice to me but I loved it.

I especially enjoyed that everything was so convenient to our home and we could walk almost everywhere we wanted to go. If the weather was good we were usually outdoors. When I look back the thing that strikes me most is a sense of freedom.

In the summer of 1958 we moved, this time to Haymaker Lane. One of the main reasons was space. I was going into 10th grade and my sister into 4th and I really wanted my own room. Our new home was beautiful and much larger, but I will always remember the Honeysuckle house with great fondness.


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