August 4, 2010

In the of early Levittown from Tim Lavey '63

Tim Lavey, class of 1963, has a wonderful collection of family photos taken in early Levittown. Here he is with his younger brother Mitch (class of 1965) in picture that he refers to as "Safeguarding Levittown." In early Levittown, unlike today, the houses and trees were small. The Laveys lived at 173 Orchid Road.

Tim wrote: "The picture was taken in my backyard about 1951 or possibly 1952. Michelle Fromm-Lewis '63 mentioned that the Old Motor Parkway was behind us. However, they were building a sump on the stretch behind our house at that time. They destroyed part of the Old Motor Parkway in building it. The houses in view behind Mitch and me were on Blacksmith Road. Those to the left in the picture were on Skimmer Lane. The Fromms were just a tad further west on Woodcock along with Dave Amster and Joe Imperato, also from the class of 1963)."

Click on the photo and it becomes larger.


Mark said...

if that was Skimmer then the perpendicular street had to be Pelican Lane no? Skimmer connected Orchid and Pelican. In that neighborhood Blacksmith was parellel to skimmer. Hey what do I know in 53 I was only 3 and not allowed that far from Saddler.

Timothy said...

I hate to say it, but the comment posted by Mark is probably correct. Looking due north from the back of my house on Orchid, which was right next to Skimmer Lane, one would see the backs of houses on Pelican Road. Looking due north from the back of houses on Orchid to the east of me, one would be looking at the back of houses on Blacksmith Road.