October 16, 2010

Northside School in Levittown: Mr. Donovan's 1953-54 sixth-grade class

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First row: Eddie Fink, Dan Huntley
Second row: Bob Bond, Jerry Cohen, Sharon Kivowitz, Theresa Flyntz, x, Karen Judge, Sharon Dumas
Third row: Sherry Kruger, Emily Estow, Joan Allibone, Beth Cummings, Jeanne Hurley, Pat Lucio, Evie Fielding
Fourth row: Jerry Benima, Ken Porter, Margery Fisher, x, Bob Castro, Neal Manly, x
Back row: Mr. Donovan, Bruce Garabrant, Richie Ostrowski, Tom Paturzo, Jimmy Pappas, Louie Lopez

Fifteen of these students graduated from Division Avenue High School in 1960. Most of them were about 11-years old when this was taken. Now those still living are 67 or 68.

Photo courtesy of Beth Cummings

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joansig@optonline.net said...

Thanks for the great photo. I too went to Northside, the only teacher I remember is Mrs. Brunton in second graded.