October 17, 2010

Remembering some deceased members of the Class of 1960

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By Frank Barning
Our September 19th blog entry included the names of the deceased members of the class of 1960. Some were good friends, some were acquaintances, others I hardly knew or did not know at all. But no matter what, they are all sisters and brothers to me.

As you can see from the comments that follow, Pete Cybriwsky is fondly remembered. The gals think of him as a great dancer, the guys as a fabulous baseball player. To me he was a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. I remember his wonderful stories about playing minor-league baseball for team in Dothan, Alabama. That Pete died in his 20s and left behind a widow and three children is tragic. His wife, the former Kathy Thomas, was in junior high at Division and attended a Catholic high school.

I went off to Hofstra in September 1960 with three on the list, Mimi Brunette, Carole Arnesen and Janet Goldberg. Mimi, who never married, was a dear friend. Her smile was captivating. It chokes me up to think of her. Carole was a fabulous student and I remember that her dad was a disabled World War II veteran and that they lived behind the Northside School fence.

Janet Goldberg, who also never married, might be someone who few will remember clearly. Not me. She was a close friend in college and beyond. Both of us were deeply involved in the Hofstra newspaper and after college the old Chronicle gang, as we were called, often had parties together. Janet and I were both interested in harness racing at Roosevelt Raceway and often drove to the track together.

Stephen Zwerling was the first kid I met when we moved to Levittown in 1954. He, and others, were so welcoming to the new boy from Queens. We kept in touch over the years and my mother, who worked at the Nassau County Medical Center, often saw Steve and his wife (the former Sue Eisenberg class of 1961) there. So, I got updates on their family and his job as a deputy with the Nassau County Sheriff's Department. My classmate Don Davidson went to Steve's funeral nearly two years.

We know of 29 people from the Class of 1960 who are no longer living. At the bottom of this page, their is a list of 1960-62 deceased. We do not claim that it is complete.

Here are remembrances from some early Division Avenue people:

Jonmaire Giles (formerly Joan Corless): Pete was my protector/big brother, and I loved him, he was always there for me. He was so much more than his abilities. I didn't come to our 10-year reunion because he wouldn't be there.

Bette Connah McErlean: When I think of Pete Cybriwsky, I remember what am amazing dancer he was and how all the girls wanted to be asked to dance by him. He could have been on American Bandstand. It's sad to lose our classmates at such an early age, but it is good to remember them and how they have left impressions on all of us. Perhaps when we see these names we can share some of our fond memories.

Gary Symington Parker I remember a baseball game when I was rushing to home plate and slide into catcher's glove very hard and he wasn't very happy. He started beating up on me and guess who came to my rescue, Pete! I'll never forget his coming to the rescue of a freshman on his varsity team.

Ann Crescenzo Fazzino Pete was an awesome guy. I remember dancing with him at a sock hop and saying to myself. "I hope that I can keep up with him." He was such a great dancer.

Phyllis Hirsch Smith So many fond memories of those who have passed especially Mimi, Chris Wilkens, Ann, Mary, John "Twinky" Sweeney. I feel blessed to have grown up in Levittown.

Arnie Galeota I remember taking my first little league at bat against Pete Cybriwsky. Terrifying experience. Yes every day we have to count our blessings.

Jerry Reichert: This list makes me count every day as a blessing.


Class of 1960
Carole Arnesen
Richard Bachman
Diane Brown
Mimi Brunette
Pete Cybriwski
Edward Fink
Carolynn Flohl
Bruce Garabrant
Janet Goldberg
Daniel Huntley
Joan Kerrigan Koster
James Kinane
Ann LaMar
Stephen Lilienthal
Louis Lopez
Neal Manly
Eileen Maxwell
Sterling Morrison
Pat Miscovsky Noonan
Daphne Nylund
John Sweeney
Jeanne Tlockzowski
Ray Wenz

Christine Wilkens
Stephen Zwerling

Class of 1961
Al Baldwin
Bob Burner
Sheldon Dambrot
Al DiLorenzo
Frederick Ehrlein
Leo Grant
Ken Hefele
Gail Leistman
Linda Merritt
Glen Molyneux
Peter O’Driscoll
Michael Shaughnessy
Tom Toscano

Class of 1962
Charles Adams
Janice Becker
Gail Brown
John Connelly
Ralph Del Piano
Gerard Farge
Carolyn Greves Lincer
Joe Hochen
Joe Panarello
Bob Rolston


renee said...

It's both hard yet inspiring to remember those who are gone. The older we get the more often we lose those we love, or knew way back when. You've done a nice thing here to pay tribute to the "Levittowners" who are no longer here to see all the changes that have taken place in our childhood town. Even as I write this stores are closing and new ones opening. It's the way it is. At least we remember the people which is most important.

Anonymous said...

From Merrill Clark.....about Pete Cybriwski.........Pete was a neighbor of mine.........210 Old Farm Road......we lived at 190. I knew his mom and dad and, of course his brother, Charles "Corky". We were good friends as all of us were on Old Farm Road (north of Division Avenue). We had Jack Grady; Jimmy, Norman and Dale Urban, Pete and Corky, Bob Sharkey, Dennis Boses, Jack Considine and, of course, my brother, Brad and me. What a great neighborhood. Families were close and always watched out for the kids...........ALL of us kids.