October 25, 2010

Part 3: Division Avenue Yearbook Memories, 1960-63

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I really don't remember how the winners were selected, but my suspicion is that Mr. Matthews, the yearbook advisor, influenced the 1960 choices. He had a thing for one of the honorees. Two of my astute 1960 classmates were asked what they recollect.

Larry Bory stated, "I was on the yearbook staff and I never heard of a system to choose." Larry and I agree that we do not remember being asked to vote. According to Russ Green, "My only recollection is that no one could win more than one title, and Matthews decided which was the most "prestigious" title for multiple winners, if any. The Most was supposed to be for getting the most votes without a single title."

In 1960, The Most category was used, but not the next three years and probably never again.

1960 Ira Selsky and Lilette Levy
1961 Fred Jackson and Corinne Norgren
1962 Joe Hochen and Bonnie Green
1963 Bill Dineen and Mary Ann Galizi

Best Looking
1960 John General and Judy Lloyd
1961 Jerry Reichert and Roberta Landry
1962 Merrill Clark and Karin Christiansen
1963 Andy Ingeman and Darrae Cabre

The Most
1960 Carol Gordon and Neal Manly

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