March 28, 2011

Do you still have your high school yearbook? If not, what happened to it?

If you still have your class yearbook, how often do you look at it and what do you find most interesting? If you no longer have your yearbook, what happened to it?

Jack Jacobsen, class of 1962
In recent times I have been looking at it twice a year. I first wonder where the time went, secondly, I wonder how Mrs. O'Keefe talked Jon Dubeau, Don Kanarvogel and me into participating in our senior play as angels and is captured in Class of '62 yearbook. I look at the pictures, attach "one-liners" to each name. Also, the word "beer" is used by many of the signees.

Arnie Galeota, class of 1961
I still have my class of 1961 yearbook but it's falling apart. After all I've moved so much and it always moves with me. I take it out once or twice a year, usually when I'm either packing or unpacking or if a name comes up on one of your blogs that I want to see the picture of. I'm only sorry I never bought the years 1960 and 1962. I knew so many people from those classes.

What's most interesting in the yearbook is how much I still look like my photo and everyone else doesn't look like theirs...just kidding. I find it interesting what some of the students showed an interest in and what they actually did in life after school.

June Johnson, class of 1963
I still have the 1963 yearbook. I haven't looked at it since last year when I went to the 50th reunion with Michelle Fromm-Lewis. I think we looked at it as a reference more than anything else. What I find interesting is that I had entered "Fencing" as an activity under my name and no one ever questioned the entry. I made it up. There was never a fencing club.

Len Sandok, class of 1963
I still have my yearbook and its life has been resurrected in the past two or three years. I took it to college with me and occasionally I would look at it in my dorm room when I got a little homesick. Soon, however, it was relegated to the bottom of a closet somewhere until I got married. It moved with all of my stuff and was once again put in a closet or an end table at our houses throughout the years.

It surfaced about two years ago when I discovered Facebook. I reconnected with a number of high school acquaintances and of course, I had to compare yearbook pictures with profile photos. It now has a place of honor immediately to the left of my computer and I refer to it on a regular basis. My kids and grandchildren get a chuckle when they see my flat top hair cut. I consider it to be the most valuable book in my collection.

Mike O'Boyle, class of 1960
Lost in hurricane Ike, September 2008 (still remember the misspelling of school as shhool on the inside front cover, maybe inside back cover), and the pioneer theme.

Marilyn Monsrud Frese, class of 1963
Almost daily- and what I find interesting is what Frank is going to do with the photos he's requesting for me to scan.

Pat Stanley Share, class of 1962
I have mine, class of 1962 and my brother's class of 1960. Because of FB and your blog I look at it frequently now. I brought it to the Keys mini-reunion and we all shared stories over the books. Unfortunately I have begun to add the dreaded D next to too many of our class mates.

Susan Weldon, class of 1960
I do still have my yearbook and I look at it occasionally when one of your blog entries triggers a memory.

Daria Marusevich, class of 1961
I look at both 60 and 61 at least 8-10 times a year. I think of the classes 60 & 61 as one. Your blog has inspired me to go to the "book" to check out the faces more often than I would have in the past.

Kathy Stahlman Zinn, class of 1963
I have only the 1961 yearbook, from my sophomore year, because after that year we moved to Plainedge. It is filled with "Goodbyes", and I am so glad I kept it. I especially look at senior class pictures and teachers. But lately, I also look at the letters from the administrators. They mean much more now than they did at age 15.

Larry Loewy, class of 1975
I have looked at my yearbook about five times a week since last summer. Why? Because I am scanning the whole thing into Facebook.

Larry Bory, class of 1960
A few times a year, mostly to verify things that Frank raises in the blog.


Anonymous said...

I still have my 1965 yearbook and all 4 of my HS yearbooks.
I have been looking at it more since I started getting messages on Alumni Junction and on Facebook. I just got to see my HS best friend, Sue Brigante Ingeman and her husband Andy. That was great, and so I show my old pictures to my husband Neal so he can see the people I talk about.
Barbara Reh Kemnitz 1965

RoyaAviva said...

I still have my 1961 yearbook and it has been with me here in Israel for the past 50 years. There is no one around here who can share the memories with me but I still like to go through it from time to time. Sorry to hear about Larry Lasker. He was one of the good guys.
Roya Sitkoff Harel