April 8, 2011

Back-to-the-past with a fabulous 1953 photo of Levittown boys enjoying the moment with their friends


Tim Lavey, class of 1963, has a marvelous collection of early Levittown pictures that he has generously shared with us. Of the 20 or so in my file, the shot posted here is my favorite.

It's from around 1953 and was snapped on the front lawn of the Lavey home at 173 Orchid Road. Tim's younger brothers Mitch and Robin Lavey are shown with some friends.

If you grew up in early Levittown, you may remember when the trees and shrubs were immature and the houses had not been expanded, except for the occasional finished attic with extra bedrooms for growing families. The Laveys lived in a Levitt ranch and across the street are basic Cape Cod models.

Viewing this picture, I can smell the grass and remember hanging out with boys who lived down the block from our home at 10 Hyacinth Road. Many pleasant junior high days were spent with neighbors Louie Pascale, Mike Gurr, Steve Zwerling and Artie Reiersen from Primrose Lane, and the Giffords (Ed and Bob) who lived across the street on Hyacinth. Those were carefree days.

Click on this photo to enlarge it and take some time to contemplate a spectacular back-to-the-past image.

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Carol Binninger Mondello commented:

"I love the dented metal garbage can....we all had those...my brother Bobby with the help of Bart and Paul Thibideau and Freddy Barash and Joel Bienstock and Artie Mayer..... jammed me into ours from time to time...ahhhh fond memories :)"