April 8, 2011

Northside School, 1954: Mr. Bob Torrance's sixth grade class

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Among those in this 57-year old photo are Sandy Adams, Cliff Fromm, Billie Jean Divone, Barbara Bond, Ann Hoffman, Geoff Eisenbarth, Steve Tuck, Linda Kenley, Mary Ann McNally, Billy Goldman, Betty Barger, Connie Drakos, Carol Klass, Joe Guidice, Noel Heinisch and Jane Kranzler.

Also in the class, but now deceased were Louie Lopez , Steven Lilienthal, Carole Arnesen, Pat Moore and Ray Wenz. The teacher was Mr. Bob Torrance. Approximately 20 of these kids graduated from Division Avenue High School in 1960.

Upon seeing this vintage photo of his sixth grade class, Cliff Fromm commented, "Part of it seems like it was only a week or so ago yet in another lifetime. What is disturbing is notation of those who are deceased. Five in the class are no longer with us. I fondly remember these people like it was yesterday. Life is too short.” Sorry to say, it could be more than five because our records are incomplete.

If you are able to identify anyone not listed, send information to fbarning@cox.net.

Photo provided by Sandy Adams


Anonymous said...

From Tim Lavey, class of 1963

I also had Bob Torrance for 6th grade at Northside in 1956/1957. He was my favorite elementary school teacher. I wonder if others who had him remember him with particular fondness.

Anonymous said...

I go to northside in going to 5th grade 2013