May 1, 2011

1953 Northside School: Mrs. Masterson's second grade class

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First row: Michelle Fromm, x

Second row: x, Linda Bishop, x, x

Third row: x, Paul Compart, Barry Levine, Barbara Bordini

Fourth row: x, Fred Parisi, Dennis Ditto, Michael Sullivan

Fifth row: x, Charles Elliot, Steve McNally, Tom Filiberto

Sixth row: Jerry Gippetti, Rob Porter, Joe Imparato, Ron Area

Standing: Rick Marcella, x, x, x, Charles Drakos

This is the second in a series of six Northside School class photos that will appear in the blog, courtesy of Tom Filiberto, class of 1963. The students marked with an X in this 58-year old photo have not been identified.

Several early 1950s class photos have been posted in our blog in recent months. All have some unidentied students. We have asked for help with names, but the results have been negligible. Maybe your blogger should stop asking. It seems like mission impossible and does it really matter after all these years?

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