May 2, 2011

Vintage photos of Sandy Adams and her home on Horn Lane

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Sandy Adams, who was born in Canada, moved to Levittown in 1950. Her family lived in a spanking new ranch model at 83 Horn Lane. One of the photos above is of Sandy with her new bicycle soon after arriving.

She was a city girl when she moved to Levittown from Saint John, New Brunswick. Levittown was quite rural in 1950 compared to now, or even when she graduated from Division Avenue High School 10 years later.

Several photos survive from Sandy's early days in her new home and she has kindly shared them with us. The pictures on this page, except for the one mentioned above, are from around 1952. She is seen, in separate shots, with her friends Linda Kenley (in a dress) and Carol Howell. The photo with Linda Kenley shows a yet undisguised cesspool cover.

Linda and Sandy graduated together from Division. Carol went to a Catholic high school and they drifted apart during those years. According to Sandy, "Last summer a few of us met Carol for lunch while she was here on Long Island for her 50th high school reunion.

Our next blog post will feature more 1952 pictures of Sandy and her Horn Lane home.

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