May 8, 2011

Do you remember Reta Drumm and Eugene Aiello? They were at Division Avenue for decades.

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Approximately 18 Division Avenue High School faculty and staff members from the late 1950s and early 1960s were still working at the school in 1975. Our teachers from early Levittown were mostly still young. By 1975, there were a lot of miles on them, but they brought a certain maturity to their professions. Happily for them, they surely earned the generous pensions that were eventually received.

Thanks to Larry Loewy, class of 1975, your blogger has been emailed photos of the DAHS old timers. This is the first installment of "Do you remember . . .?

Featured in this post are photos of assistant principal Eugene Aiello and homemaking department chairperson Reta Drumm. I know that Mr. Aiello is deceased but have no idea about Mrs. Drumm.

The son of our old assistant principal, Greg Aiello, is the long-time Senior VP of Public Relations for the National Football League. Greg is often quoted in the sports pages. His dad was a huge sports fan and started at Division Avenue when it was still a junior high school in the early 1950s. In 1954, Mr. Aiello was my seventh grade physical education teacher. He was one of the reasons that DAHS was a special place.

Concerning Mrs. Drumm, I never took homemaking, which eventually became known as home economics. Boys were not encouraged to take classes aimed for the girls, although a few of us college-bound guys took typing. At the same time, girls did not take shop (industrial arts) classes, so that made us even, way back when.


Anonymous said...

Diane M. Dewey Adolpho

"Sure enjoyed those pictures and the comments. I remember both & liked them both tremendously. Was happiest at school & not at home in my foster home, but sure missed out on a lot of things because of not being allowed to go anywhere anytime. I appreciate all the the time & effort you put into all these articles and I definitely enjoy reading them all. Thank you."

Anonymous said...

I loved Mr. Aiello, never had him for phys ed but remember him fondly as asst principal. I don't remember the lady at all. I really enjoy all your posts Frank.
Joan Bartels Signorelli '62

Kathy said...

I remember Mr. Aiello, warmly, as the vice principal. Nothing specific, just his friendly presence. I knew of Mrs. Dunn, but had someone else for Home Ec. BTW, in 1981, in central Virginia, my daughter and son were offered to take "Teen Survival" (Home Ec)(my son) or something with a clever name that was clearly Shop (my daughter). Kathy Stahlman Zinn, '63

Anonymous said...

Frank, I was at Division from fall '62 until graduation in '68. I never met nor heard of Ms. Drum. Gene Aiello? One of the best. Had lots of interaction with him as a kid and as a coach at Division. I'll never forget we were at a class meeting one afternoon. Suddenly they sent everyone home. My locker was just down the hall from the admin. offices. There in the doorway was Mr. Aiello dabbing a tear from his eye. Nov. 22, 1963......being a 12 year old I couldn't comprehend, but I've never forgotten that image. Lots of other stories, most a lot happier. Just goes to show what kind of guy he was.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you know if Gene Aiello served in the US Coast Guard in World War II ? If so, do you know if he's still around ? I'd love to know. There was a Gene Aiello who helped save three people from drowning in Sept. 1941 near Point Lookout.

Frank Barning said...

Mr. Aiello is deceased. His son Greg is the long-time communication director of the National Football League. Greg might be able to answer your question concerning the Coast Guard.