June 18, 2011

Vintage pictures from Frank Barning's early Levittown archives

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There are hundreds of early Levittown photos in my files, a treasure chest of images. Many have been used to compliment stories that have been posted in our blog, and others will lend themselves to articles yet to be written.

At the same time there are many that don't seem to have a fit, often because there is little or no information for a caption. Old Levittown photos that I find especially pleasing are class and team photos, but not every one I receive includes a list of the kids depicted. Hey, it's not easy to remember people you last saw more than a half century ago.

The black and white photos posted above are part of our town's amazing history.

* The late Richard Streb was among the top teachers at Division Avenue High School in late 1950s and a few years beyond. His subject was citizenship education. The photo was taken at a 1960 Division football game and was provided by Kathy Rees, class of 1961.

* 1952 Wisdom Lane School second-grade class photo from Lillian Smith, class of 1962. She is two persons to the right of the teacher, Mrs. Weiner. Can anyone give us the names of the other students?

* Art Dorrmann (class of 1960) was on this Pony League team in 1955. All-star catcher Art is in the back row, third from the left with his eyes closed. Also in the shot are Levittown Memorial High grads Mark Scope and Kermit "Spike" Undegrove and Fred Eno from Island Trees. Others have yet to be identified.

* From June 1958. Jim Anton ('61), and three 1960 classmates Artie Kornfeld, Jay Citrin and Peter File. Picture sent by Sally Mann '61.

* From 1958. Diane Sexton (class of 1961) and the late Bruce Garabrant (class of 1960).

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Anonymous said...

Lived around the corner from Pete File. Went to a prom with him, I think his junior.
Joan Bartels Signorelli '62