July 8, 2011

1951-52 Northside School, Mrs. McKenna's third-grade class

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Lots of familiar eight or nine year old faces. This was Mrs. McKenna's class at Northside. This was the first class in Northside for me and a whole group of kids in the picture. Before that we were in Wisdom Lane (quonset hut) for 1st grade and Abbey Lane for 2nd grade. Also it was the first school we were able to walk to; oh the independence!

This is the best I can do with names. This was a time when the girls were still playing paper dolls and the boys were exploring in the "Old Motor Parkway" and playing football in the street. I can remember it was the first time I heard of "pizza pie", Flash Gordon was on TV, and we had until the street lights went on to play outside - then it was inside or else. I remember these were wonderful times.

I didn't like the teacher, she just didn't like me at all and in the end it turned into quite the issue and she was dismissed, enough said.

In the class picture:

Going from front to back along the left side by the wall:
1st row: x, Mollie Feit
2nd row: Gloria x, Dawn Robie
3rd row: x, x
4th row: x, Beth Kramer
5th row: x, Bob Bonacci

Right side of picture going from front to back:
1st row: x, Daria Marusevich
2nd row: Corinne Norgren, Daryl Dittko
3rd row: x, x
4th row: x, Jimmy Judson
5th row: Valerie Mascara, x
6th row: x, x

Along back wall standing left to right:
x, x Cherry, Corky Cybriwsky, Jay Miner, Doug x

Caption assistance provided by Wally Linder '61. Obviously, more help is needed to fill in the blanks.

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Dave Cahn said...

OMG! I lived next door to Mollie Feit (I think we called her Molly Sue) and her brother Roger on Pinetree Lane. @ Frank: How can I contact you to post a picture of Mr. Thaler's 1952 4th Grade class at Northside? --Dave Cahn, Upper Marlboro, MD