July 9, 2011

Levittown memorabilia preserves memories; One man's trash is another man's treasure

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If you are the type person who saves old things even if you have moved several times over the decades, you may have some interesting items tucked away that relate to your old home town and your high school days. Shown above are some interesting items. By the way, the Levittown Historical Society has a wonderful collection.

Toni Crescenzo Gelfer, class of 1968, has a large assortment of memorabilia relating to various aspects of her life. About her Levittown "stuff", as she calls it, "I can touch something that I touched 50 years ago."

Memories pictured above are:

* Marilyn Monsrud Frese's varsity cheerleading letter.

* Michelle Fromm-Lewis' polio vaccine parental permission slip from 1955. Look closely at the interesting wording. This is truly a piece of history.

* Toni Crescenzo's 1967-68 senior identification card.

* Mark Rotker's varsity sweater purchased from Doc Lennihan at County Sports.

* A Levittown Athletic Club badge saved by Toni Crescenzo.

If you have any neat old memorabilia relating to Division Avenue High School or Levittown, please email photos to Frank Barning, fbarning@yahoo.com.

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