July 10, 2011

1953-54 Summit Lane School, Mr. Green's fourth grade class

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In the class photo are:

L to R in the row by the windows: x, x, x, x, Carol Geseking, Linda Eldridge.

Across from them are: Dorothy Scagliola, Kevin Powell, Susan Padgett, Duane Bennet, x, Susan Domke.

Middle row from the front: Brian Carey, Tom Connolly, Susan Kilbride, x, Jack Jacobsen, Al Cardamone.

Fourth row is: Larry Hutt, Eric Beeshor, Carol Altshul, Scott Heuer, x.

Last row on the right: Ira Nerzig, Kathy Ryan, and Bonnie Wachter.

Standing L to R: x, Harry Triantafellow, x, Howard Whidden, Mr. Green, and Kathy Armstrong.

Photo courtesy of Howard Whidden, class of 1962. Thanks for captioning assistance to Jack Jacobsen '62.

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Tom said...

Congratulations Frank, on your first anniversary with this blog, number 375. Tom Filiberto class of '63. It's July 11, in NY.