July 10, 2011

Reader comments about our blog which today is starting its second year

Arlene Gibson-Wenz, class of 1961
I really love reading everyone's stories. I appreciate all the great memories that I had long forgotten.

Damon Solomon, class of 1960
What you do for all your old friends, like me, is priceless. Please keep it up. Your blog is the first thing that I check for every day.

Armand Tarantelli (Mr. T), long-time Division Avenue teacher
I think you have become the DAHS chief archivist. You have made
Levittown alive and vibrant after 60 years. Doesn't it seem like yesterday?

Barnet Silver, class of 1966
A Levittown childhood friend and neighbor from Swallow Lane recently shared your blog on early Levittown with me.

I just had to drop you a note and say how touched and emotionally moved I was reading the background stories, seeing the photos, and reading the comments. Never have I seen a more sensitive picture painted about our lives, It could have only been done by a Levittown native son. I too moved from Queens and attended 6th grade at Northside then grades 7-12 at good old Division Avenue.

I don't know why but the feeling from the photo of the appliances in the kitchen washed over me like a warm rain. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to that innocent time and the life experience that bonds all of us who grew up there.

Cliff Fromm, class of 1960
You know the age old question, "who was influential in high school?". In reading this letter from Barnet Silver it made me think that the question should be, "who is influential after high school?" As I thought of this the name "Frank Barning" was prominent in my mind.

You have done more with your blogs and being a damn nice guy than anyone else from school. You are truly the catalyst that has brought people together from the class of 1960 and subsequent classes. Because of you people have connected and reconnected.

It is because of your blog and giving so many of us the opportunity to respond and give input to it that we discovered there are so many of our schoolmates who all have a common bond, not just the same school but are warm, good-hearted people, none of whom play the game of one-upmanship.

Thank you, Frank, for all you've done and for all the unknown hours of work and dedication you put into this.

Your classmate, and more importantly, your friend.

Bob Bond, class of 1960
As the song goes....Thanks for the memories.

Jackie Bernstein Karp, early Levittowner
Every time I read your blog it brings back such memories. My memories are like a big puzzle and I am finding all the lost pieces and it has been just great. Everyday when I check my emails the first thing I look for is your blog.

Brian Fisher class of 1961
Frank, I love what you are doing by keeping Division Avenue High School alive, especially for us old timers who grew up in Levittown. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy the blog stories very much.

Bob Gifford, class of 1962
Add me to what I'm sure is a long list of former classmates who appreciate and applaud you for this undertaking.

Daria Marusevich, class of 1961
You have resurrected so many people and memories it is a wonder. You have re-introduced a very special moment in time that we will never be again. It was a time of family, respect for authority, wonder; yes I do think we all clapped for Tinker Bell and purity of heart. We actually had a childhood and that was called Levittown.

Tom Paturzo Baker, class of 1960
I realize that I have acknowledged your efforts in the past ... however, I must tell you that I continue to be amazed by your talents and dedication to preserving our history. I am indebted to you for your efforts ... a legacy in the highest tradition. Early Levittown blog is a work of art.


July 11 marks our first anniversary. The blog has received nearly 50,000 hits in that time, 377 stories have been posted and is seen around the world. A big thank you to all who made comments, shared photos and those talented folks who have submitted stories.


Anonymous said...

Toni Crescenzo Gelfer class of 1968

Even though I was late to the party...I can say what a pleasure it has been reading and remembering all the great times of early Levittown..This is the perfect gathering place for all us old timers to bounce our memories off each other and find old friends..Congratulations on your 1st year and many more to come.

Anonymous said...

June Johnson class of 1963

Thanks for ALL that you have done and continue to do.

Anonymous said...

Roya Sitkoff Harel class of 1961

Your blog is the first thing I look for on Facebook. Please keep writing. You are doing an amazing job.

Kathy said...

Congratulations, FRank! The blog is a great achievement, and addition to allour lives. Kathy Sthlman Zinn, '63

Anonymous said...

Jim Anton class of 1961

your blog is one of two things I look forward too each day

Anonymous said...

Louise Hayn class of 1960

You've done a great job keeping us all connected! BRAVO!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Stahlman Zinn class of 1963

Frank, for all you do, and for all your have done, and for sparking up my lifelong desire to write. You are a great editor and you clearly know what you want to fulfill your vision, which overlaps with the needs of many of us, to remember and celebrate our youth in L'town.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Gail Adams, class of 1960 wrote:

Happy Birthday to your blog, FHB! What would we do without you? You bring forgotten experiences back to life!

What a joy!

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Armstrong Urban class of 1962 wrote:

Thanks for all the great memories. The pictures of the original Levittown homes are priceless. When you see the homes on LI now, those ranches and capes were really small but oh what great times we all had without all the trappings of today's youth. It's also amazing to see current pictures of people I haven't seen in almost 50 years and recognize them even today. None of us have changed that much...just a few wrinkles. Frank, this past year writing the blog must have felt like a full-time job but it is really, really appreciated. As you get older, the memories just keep getting more important.