August 10, 2011

1953-54 Northside School; Mr. Ouderkirk's 6th grade class

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First row: Ava Berg, Pat Miscovsky, Mike Gittleman

Second row: Steven Fink, Luther Kuhlman, Florence Pratt, Donna Hitchcock, x, Mal Karman

Third row: Kenny or Artie? Abelson (they were twins), Frank Colluci, Betty Barger?, Ellen Rees, Janet Goldberg, Kathleen O'Brien, Richard Fuchs

Fourth row: John Koehler, Phil Adrian, x, x, Betty Syvertsen, David Duer.

Fifth row: x, Artie Dorrmann, x

Back row: Mr. Robert J. Ouderkirk

Photo courtesy of John Koehler. Captioning by Mal Karman and John Koehler.

Not everyone has been identified (indicated with an X) and we are not sure of a few of the students (see question marks).

Our records show that there were three sixth-grade classes at Northside in the 1953-54 school year. The teachers for the other classes were Mr. Bob Torrance and Mr. James Donovan. Many of these students were in the first DAHS graduating class, 1960.

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Rick Rolston said...

When I was in third grade, Mr Ouderkirk accidentally punched me in the face (he was trying to scare me i think) and I never said a word about it.
He became Principal when I was in 4th grade. I got sent to the principal office a few times after that and I alway got off with a warning..
I could be wrong so if I am please correct me.