August 1, 2011

Whatever happened to Cosmo's ice cream truck?

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Our blog has included stories and photos concerning Cosmo who sold ice cream from his truck for decades, mostly on the north side of Levittown. We reported that Cosmo has retired but people want to know whatever became of his famous truck. Well, it has been offered to the Levittown Historical Society but was turned down for lack of space.

A reader on Long Island tracked down the truck and sent the photo that appears above. This happened on a recent record-setting hot day in Nassau County. Sorry to give you the bad news, folks.

The good news, according to Tom Filiberto, class of 1963, is that "Cosmo is still alive. He's in his early 90s, lives in Bethpage and grows tomatoes."


Anonymous said...

cosmo had a great article in newsday about his tomatoe garden.

Anonymous said...

sorry frank lou zinser not anonymous