June 3, 2012

Some photos recently added to Frank Barning's Levittown collection

Kathy, Kendall and Perry Berns (1960) at Kendall's May graduation from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ken Plass (1960) with his wife Sandy and two of his seven grandchildren on a recent cruise to Alaska.

Brian Williams, class of 1963, plays the upright bass. He is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and lives in Ionia, NY.

1965 DAHS yearbook photo of Mr. Lawrence Lasker, beloved teacher and administrator.
World traveller Annajoy Herman Romdalvik (1960) on a recent visit to the Isle of Wight.

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Frank Barning said...

At least four of us early Levittowners have someone who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Perry Bernstein, as shown here, Toni Crescenzo Gelfer and her husband Howard whose son in law is a Longhorn, and your blogger whose son earned an MBA and lives in Austin.