June 1, 2012

A tastefully expanded Levitt house which still resembles the original

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Class of 1963

Here are some pictures of my little piece of heaven in Levittown. From the front there is no expansion evident, looks like the basic ranch with garage and small dormer window.

All extension was done to the back, leaving us with a bright airy room with a view out back that feels like an extension of the house. This is all that we needed, just to open up the living area and a smaller room off to the side as a place for the toys and another TV for the grandkids to call their own.

Levitt really made his homes extension-friendly, one smart man! And our builder and contractor told us that the Levitts are one of the best constructed homes on Long Island!


Toni Crescenzo Gelfer said...

Great job, Marilyn..I can totally envision the old layout..The kitchen is done very modern, but, homey..and you're correct about the back being so open and airy...A+..I love it!

Steven Tray said...

Your house looks beautiful and tasteful.

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Cliff Fromm, class of 1960

This was nice to see. Marilyn & her husband did some beautiful renovations.

Anonymous said...

Len Sandok, class of 1963

Marilyn, Thank you for inviting us nto your home. I can see the fireplace and stairs, but that is about all I can recognize of the inside. As you say, the front looks much as I remember Levitt house, but he back is fanastic!

Anonymous said...

Wendy Max Dunford wrote,,

Marilyn, that's gorgeous! Kudos on a great job of creating a beautiful new look inside while retaining the charm of the original Levitt house.
about an hour ago

Marilyn Monsrud Frese DAHS '63 said...

Thank you so much guys! It's a joy to still be near our roots! I love the 4 seasons... enjoy each of them in it's own way... and the beach being so close is a real gift in the summer- as are the 9 pools in Levittown. I never cared for BASEMENTS, and after looking around at other houses/towns before we committed to an expansion, we knew we were destined to stay on Furrow Lane. Great town, GREAT neighbors... can't find
that just anywhere! Isn't this great that Frank has reunited us all so we can visit one anothers lives once again???

Anonymous said...

Tom Filiberto
Class of '63

Nice touch with American Flag

Anonymous said...

Sandra Gail Adams said....

It looks lovely, Marilyn! And, as you say, you'd never know of the expansion from the front. Good job!