June 7, 2011

1956 Northside School, Mr. Diamond's fifth grade class

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First row: Alfred Reggerio, Len Sandok, Ron Area, Raymond Yaw, John Petrontoni

Second row: x, the late Bill Dineen, Paul Shiffman, Leon Gussow, Jerry Gippetti, Joseph Batewell

Third row: x, Tom Filiberto, Jay Barabash, x, Ron Porter, Michael Sullivan, Ted Robertson

Standing: Patricia Gomez, Fern Koltz, Irene Kuhn, x, Penny Lines

Photo courtesy of Tom Filiberto. Several of these kids graduated from Division Avenue High School along with Tom in 1963. Some of the other 1963 alums attended Summit Lane School for fifth grade.


PaulS said...

This was my 5th grade class. i have this photo in a box somwhere stored away in a closet. my name is Paul Schiffman I attended Northside elemtary from 1st thru 6th grade and then went to Division from 7th grade theu 12th graduating in the class of '63.

Steven Tray said...

Mr Diamond was a great teacher and a wonderful person. I got to know him personally because he dated my friend Kathy's mom while I was in his class. He would take us (Steve Tray, Kathy, and Stehen Herman) bowling once a week. We had a great time. I'll never forget him.

Steve Tray PS My mother still lives in the Levitt ranch her and my Dad bought from The Levitts in 1949. She's probably the only original house buyer still in Levittown (86 years old, going on 50).