June 7, 2011

Part 5 - Photos of DAHS graduates when they were children

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This is the fifth in a series of posts featuring pictures of Division Avenue High School graduates when they were children.

Depicted are:

* Tom Filiberto, class of 1963 age 3. He's the dude with the bow tie.

* Sandra Kelly Mincher, class of 1961, approximately 18 months.

* Ross (class of 1962) and Jane Patten (class of 1963) in front of their home on Bark Lane in 1949.

* Tim Lavey, class of 1963, in the living room of his 173 Orchid Road home in 1959.

* Linc '63 and Carol Binninger '64 with their mother on the lawn of their rental Cape Cod at 17 Cord Lane in 1948, when Linc was 3 and Carol 2.

1 comment:

Marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

OMG Tom...what a great photo!!! You had those little apple cheeks even as a baby- I just want to pinch them! And I love that fashionable shirt collar and tie! Looking like a little DUDE!

And Carol and Linc...(still want to call you Bob) - your 2 are Too CUTE!!! Were you guys really tiny at that age, or was you mom really tall? LOL! Great photo! Those great old simple days... we were so lucky to have these memories, and to have Frank to keep them alive. Nothing like growing up in Levittown! We were a very lucky group of youngsters to have that opportunity.

Frank, these posts of old baby photos are great. Yes, a photo is worth a thousand words!