June 5, 2011

Part 3 - Photos from Tim Lavey's early Levittown collection

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Tim Lavey, a 1963 Division Avenue High School graduate, was an early Levittowner. His family, including parents Arlene and Ed, lived at 173 Orchid Road along with Tim and younger brothers Robin and Mitch. He has preserved several dozen vintage photos of early Levittown, primarily from 1951-53.

Today's photos include mom giving young Robin a bath in their ranch house kitchen and dad with Mitch and Robin siding the house. Both Mitch and Robin are shown on bicycles in front of the house, and there is a picture of Tim and Mitch with mom in front of their carport. We tried to identify the car and an expert on vintage automobiles believes it is a 1937 Ford "flatback".

Notice the flagstone path, and the immature bushes. This was early Levittown and it took time and money to put in cement paths and nature eventually created mature plantings.

"The Lavey Collection" is being presented here in several posts over the course of weeks or maybe months. This is part 3.

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