June 4, 2011

Perry Berns' 1956 birthday party and John Tanner comments on Mr. Reggio

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This photo, provided by Jackie Berns Karp, was taken in 1956 at her brother Perry's 13th birthday party at 54 Ridge Lane in Levittown. Perry is a 1960 Division Avenue High School graduate.

Captioning the picture has not been easy, considering it is 55-years old. Perry is upper right and next to him is Jimmy Judson.

The most prominent person is the girl in the striped dress, front right. She is Renee Gordon, a classmate of Perry. Behind Renee Gordon is Roya Sitkoff. Left to right boys are Billy Whalen, John Schmidt, Steve Patacher, Judson and Perry. Danny Tobin is also in the photo.

"Now that I look at this picture, the room seems to be so tiny," Jackie commented.


I would like to comment on my recollections of Mr. Reggio who was featured in the June 2nd blog post. Being mostly interested but often distracted by the travails of high school and the hormones associated with being a teenager, I was not easily captivated by school.

Mr. Reggio had this gift and the wit to pull off daily lessons that managed to often charm me. Never too interested in grades or marks as we called them in those days, I did strive to please this charming man. One lesson I took with me was to avoid spray deodorant as it was essentially a lacquer sealing oils in your skin.

In 1964, my Division Avenue classmate Toby Rutner and I were working at the New York Worlds Fair and ran into our DAHS science sage. We shared a couple beers and fond memories at that meeting. I believe that chance meeting had something to do with me deciding to follow in his footsteps as he had made a mark on me and many others.

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